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How to reset the account?

If you violate any Rules or Drawdown Limits, you must reset your trading account to be eligible for funding again.

The reset costs depend on according to the selected plan, and your account will be reset to its starting balance regardless of your account balance at the time of the breach.
Reset Price:

Starter = £157
Standard = £237
Professional = £461

We expect our traders to be honest. When a trader meets a profit target, our team will review all trading activity before funding the accounts. Your account will be ineligible for funding if we discover backdated rule violations.

Hence, if you violate any rules, you should immediately reach out to our team and have your funded account reset.
It will spare you a lot of trouble if you meet your profit targets only to be told that your practical assessment account needs to be reset.

You can reset your account by following this link:

After you processed the fees, the account will be reset within the next few hours.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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