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Prohibited Trading Strategies

Prohibited Trading Strategies (Applicable to Origin Funded and Evolution Funded plans)

Gambling: This involves excessive use of leverage. Risking a large portion of your account on limited trades, for example, using over 50% of your margin on the opening of your positions. Open 5 positions or more for the same pair on the same day, meaning that there is no clear strategy. This can result in your account’s leverage being lowered.

Copy Trading Between Accounts: This involves mirroring trades from any type of our accounts to another.

Exploiting Inefficiencies of Trading Platforms and Other Practices: This involves exploiting data feeds, including latency arbitrage, reverse arbitrage, gap trading, toxic order flow, account management, tick scalping, and server execution.

Engaging in tick speculation/trading.

Martingale Trading: This strategy involves placing buy and sell orders at regular intervals above and below a set price, capturing profits as the market moves up and down through these levels

Hedging Positions: It applies to orders comprehended in a 24h period.

High-Frequency Trading: (we define HFT as holding trades for 5 seconds or less).

Third-Party Bots.

Any of these strategies or practices will lead to the cancellation of the account.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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